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    Recent Media

    HOPE - Lesson 4 - Facing My Battles with a Song in My Heart Series HOPE - Lesson 4 - Facing My Battles with a Song in My Heart

    FOCUS: Jehoshaphat and Judah faced some overwhelming odds, but…

    HOPE - Lesson 3 - You Are Not Alone Series HOPE - Lesson 3 - You Are Not Alone

    FOCUS: Elijah is faced with some challenges that shake him to…

    HOPE - Lesson 2 - Turning Bitter to Sweet Series HOPE - Lesson 2 - Turning Bitter to Sweet

    FOCUS: The challenges in Naomi’s life are so difficult that she…

    HOPE - Lesson 1 - Having an Enlightened Perspective Series HOPE - Lesson 1 - Having an Enlightened Perspective

    FOCUS: Joseph was not always skilled at recognizing human nature,…



    Living Life with a Peace and Purpose That Only Comes Through Hope


    There is strength in numbers. A series focused on the importance of community.

    What's In A Name?

    Revealing His nature one need at a time.

    Far From Home



    PrayerLife - Words To Live By is a series that focuses on the Lord's Prayer

    How To Save Your Child

    Parenting class that helps parents be more intentional about how they lead their kids to a life of fullness, eternal purpose and salvation.

    A Higher View

    Easter Sermon 2018


    Beloved - Scott Jarvis

    I AM Connected

    I AM Connected - Sherwin Grottis

    What Does “No Condemnation” Mean?

    What Does “No Condemnation” Mean?

    Breaking and Entering

    Breaking into our world and Entering into our lives.

    The Body Needs You

    The Body Needs You - Philip Nichols

    Don't Go Fishing

    Don't Go Fishing - Sherwin Grottis

    The God Who Sees You

    Stand-Alone Sermon - Genesis 16 & 21


    God has provided His presence, His power, and His wisdom for our daily living through the gift of the Holy Spirit. In this series we will s

    The Rock


    The Shack

    A Wednesday Night series lead by Scott Jarvis examining the book, "The Shack"

    It's Who We Are


    The Gift Of All Gifts

    There’s No Stopping It’s Delivery!

    The Good Shepherd



    What Jesus Teaches About Living Life as a RICH Person from the Gospel of Luke


    Why settle for ordinary?

    In Response to God

    A series on Worship

    Standalone Sermons

    Various individual sermons.

    Do Not Fear

    A look at the life of Joseph

    Discussion Class

    Sunday Morning Bible Discussion Class.

    Looking Back at the Modern Family

    Looking at issue our modern families face and drawing practical answers from the similar issues shown in the bible.

    Under Construction

    Are you building Monuments, Altars or Memorials?

    Who Are You Below The Surface


    Christians in Creation

    What does it look for God's people--Christians--to live in his created world

    The Ridge

    Speakers from our Wednesday night series during the summer.

    Radical Faith in Challenging Times

    A Study from Daniel.

    Our Eternal Purpose


    Psalms of Ascent

    A study in Psalms

    Summer Speaker Series

    Guest speaker series, 7pm every Wednesday night this summer.

    When God's People Hurt

    Even God's people face challenges.

    Take God at His Word


    That's Not Politically Correct

    What does God's word say about it?

    Celebrate Recovery

    Wednesday Sessions

    What More Could You Need?

    Sunday morning series

    Revelation Series

    Scott Jarvis, Revelation Series, Revelation, Sunday Morning Worship


    Scott Jarvis Series

    Who is God and What Does He Want?

    Original series by Scott Jarvis